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How You Can Help


Support community archaeology and sustainablilty by your contributions. The Project is a 501c3 non-profit organization, and any donation is 100% tax-deductible.

Contributions are used to finance the annual field season in Chocolá, Guatemala; purchase of equipment and supplies; the year-round protection of the ancient site; storage and restoration of artifacts such as whole pots and carved stone monuments; and other expenses critical to the advancement of PACH's research into this seminal ancient Maya occupation. In addition, donations support a variety of sustainable community developments initiatives, both touristic and agricultural. You can specify how you wish your donations to be spent, for example, for the creation of a museum housing ancient artifacts and information and the ancient Maya and Chocolá’s place in the trajectory of Maya civilization, as we are coming to understand it; or for the reintroduction of cacao farming at Chocolá – anciently in the ancient Maya chocolate heartland (indeed, Chocolá may have been a “kingdom of chocolate,” that became large and culturally important very early because of its cacao). And there are many options for making these kinds of dedicated contributions.

Please contribute any amount by clicking on the button below and using your PayPal account. We are only able to receive online donations through PayPal at the present time. If you do not have a PayPal account, it's free and easy to register for one (click on the button below). Or, if you would like to use another method of payment (such as personal check) to help out, let us know by clicking here and filling out our contact form.


Amigos de Chocolá
Amigos de Chocolá, formerly the Chocolá Sustainability Task Force, is a non-profit secular organization committed to promoting sustainable economic and social development in the town of Chocolá, Guatemala, helping to reduce poverty and improve the lives of the people of Chocolá and surrounding regions. Click on the above link for more information.


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