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Chocolá Community: Development Goals

Both the goal and the means to the goal are vital. Given the assaults on Maya culture and people in Guatemala and at Chocolá over centuries, it is astonishing that any town remains. Given these assaults, it is no wonder that the community lacks cohesion and leadership stability.

A Maya cultural core resides with elders and the women of the town. It is with these respected persons and the young people that preservation of traditions, both Maya and ladino, can be achieved, and, as a result, the notion of local community, as steward not only of cultural but also of biological diversity, is made real.

For a planet’s ecology to continue to be of the sort that we in the West want and value, locality and diversity are essential. Truly, we in the West, with our banks, armies, and all-powerful multinational corporations, need the humble Maya farmer of Chocolá.


Although Guatemala's past has been a dark
one, its future is bright in the faces of
its young people.
Giving to the community, PACH staff teach
an English course during the summer
to interested Chocolenses.



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