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Chocolá Archaeology: Continuation of the Project

Over three seasons of research the project has determined that the ancient city of Chocolá arose earlier, is far larger, endured far longer, and is more intact than hitherto believed or suspected. Our findings argue persuasively that considerably more research needs to be done at the site, given its location in the heart of the ironically little-investigated but long-believed seminal Southern Maya Zone, and the wealth of information it contains, information the project has only begun to recover.

In addition to pure research, the project has been motivated to share the knowledge gained and other benefits with the impoverished Third World residents of modern Chocolá. The project also has initiated a number of development projects assisting the townspeople in finding alternative, and sustainable, means based in eco- and archaeotourism and one, moreover, that generates pride in the invaluable cultural heritage represented by the archaeological ruins beneath and around their lands and in the stunning natural ecology of Chocolá.



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