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Chocolá Archaeology: The Project's 2005 Field Season

In 2005, again supported by Earthwatch, but with additional sponsorship from the National Geographic Society, two more large edifices were discovered, the first possibly a royal palace measuring 24 m on its east façade. The east façade contained piers and a stairway, and under the northeast corner of which was found a large ceremonial cache of exquisite whole vessels.

Approximately 150 m to the north, another large residence or ceremonial edifice was found. Immediately outside the south façade a beautifully carved stone monument was unearthed belonging to the barrigón or “potbelly” style known from other southern area sites and characteristic of Middle and Late Preclassic times. Continuing to explore the hydraulic system at Chocolá, excavation uncovered several more interlacing conduits around structures.

The size and scale of Chocolá’s remains once again were found to be larger than previously mapped, as entire new areas of mounds, plazas, surface artifacts and monuments were discovered to the southwest and southeast, in La Ladrillera and Madremía. In addition, in 2005, several important events occurred that bring closer the dream of substantial assistance towards the future of project research at Chocolá as well as of significant assistance for the town.

A visit to Chocolá for the purpose of advancing these prospects was arranged that included the ambassador to Guatemala from the Federal Republic of Germany, Dr. Claude Ellner, the Minister of Culture of Guatemala, Lic. Eduardo Salazar Tetzaguit, the Director of the Cultural Patrimony of Guatemala, Arq. Arturo Paz, the governor of the department of Suchitepéquez, Lic. Juan Carlos Contreras Villagrán, the mayors of San Pablo Jocopilas and Santo Tomás La Unión, and other officials and dignitaries. A formal proposal for support was delivered to the German ambassador.

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